You can’t go wrong with any of these two guitars: Fender  Telecaster or Fender Stratocaster, they both are simply the best. These two guitar sounds so amazing that people can’t decide which one to buy. Today we will just point out the little differences of these guitar which will make you easier to decide if you are buying one of these. Telecaster is known best for its bridge pickup. It’s bridge pickup sounds always best for the clean or the rock, it’s birdgepickup is a single coil but sounds so heavy in metal too that some people even say for a fun that tele has got some hidden humbucker inside. Likewise there’s no any other guitar in the world that can match the sound of the neck pickup of Stratocaster. Strat has one of the most versatile sound that comes from its neck pickup which can play rhythm, rock, funk anything. On the price basis these two guitar cost almost same. From $ 900 to $ 1200 is the price range of these two guitars.

                                                 So here goes the comparison between Tele & Strat


                                                                                             Tele                                                                        Strat

Cost                                                                                $ 900 – $ 1200                                                       $ 900 – $ 1200

Looks                                                                                    Depends                                                           Mostly Prefered

Versatility                                                   More Versatile than any other guitar            Just lose with edges diffenrence 

Durability                                                                          Durable                                                                         Durable

Pickup switch                                                         3 way switch selector                                             5 way switch selector

Whammy Bar                                                                       N/A                                                                         Available


Note: These are just the common difference which will help to quickly distinguish between these too..