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Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s “Hataridai Batasidai” Exceed 20M Views On YouTube

Sajjan Raj Vaidya is a widely loved Nepali singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, and producer. He Started his music Journey in 2014 with his debut single, “Aaja Matra“. Since then he has been releasing one after another song with soulful music, heart touching lyrics, and equally beautiful music videos. which hold millions of views on YouTube....

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sajjan raj

LGBTIQ in Nepali music industry : Farewell to pride month

While mainstream music giving rise to what meant to be “mainstream”, LGBTIQ musicianship came into acceptance in 1980s supporting the people who weren’t afraid to be themselves in the era of risk-involved action of revealing sexuality. Those days were difficult as there were no language allowed to talk about their gender openly as people can...

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