Sagar Ale Magar

Most Loved Contestant Of Nepal Idol Season 1,┬áSagar Ale Magar received a Youtube silver play button achieving yet another milestone in his ever-growing career. The singer uploaded a video on his official account to share the good news with his fans as well as thanking them for supporting him. His statement reads: Namaste! and thanks […]

Most Loved Contestant Of Nepal Idol Season 1,┬áSagar Ale Magar has recently released a song on ethnic Magar tune “Sirani Mayako Hata” with Shanti shree. The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel of Music Eye on Dec 5,2020. The song consists of a music video of people dancing very beautifully wearing ethnic Magar dresses […]

One of the talented youngsters in singing, Sagar Ale Magar has lent his voice for a new song “Sirani Mayako Haat” which was revealed on Friday, December 4. The singer Shanti Shree Pariyar has accompanied him on the vocals. The song has the lyrics and the music by Suresh Rana Magar. Similarly, Kamal Saurag has […]

Most Loved Contestant Of Nepal Idol Season 1, Sagar Ale Magar has recently posted a poster of his upcoming song “Kori Bati” on his Facebook account. A very beautiful riding bicycle can be seen on the poster, thus we can predict that it’s going to be a romantic song. The release date hasn’t been revealed […]

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