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new song

“Hatarma” by Samir Acharya and Apsara Ghimire featuring Aaryan Sigdel and Barsha Raut

The singers, Samir Acharya and Apsara Ghimire have come together in a new song “Hatarma” released on Tuesday, December 8. The singer Acharya have composed the lyrics and the music. In addition to that, he has also arranged it. Similarly, Shyamshwet Rasaily has done the mixing and the mastering of it. Likewise, we can see...

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“Purba Paschim”, a new song by Kiran Kumar Bhujel and Pabitra Rimal Acharya

The singers, Kiran Kumar Bhujel and Pabitra Rimal Acharya have lent their voices for a new song “Purba Paschim”. Durga Prasad Kadariya has written the lyrics for it. Similarly, Ramesh Kadariya and Uday Raj Poudel have composed the music and arranged it respectively. Likewise, the cast members in the music video are Ritu Poudel, Kamal...

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Pratap Das’ new song “Sapanima” released on YouTube

Pratap Das, Suman KC and Sushma Bishwakarma have worked on the vocals for a new song “Sapanima”. Satyaraj Chaulagain has composed the lyrics and Saroj Pokharel has composed the music for it. Similarly, Maharaj Thapa has arranged the music and Sajan Shah has mixed it. Likewise, the music video contains the acting by Paul Shah,...

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Rajesh Payal Rai to release an Assamese song “Moi Moromot Diya Kotha Khon”

“Rai is King” Rajesh Payal Rai is once again bringing a new song in a different language than Nepali. He has recently teased the audience with a short clip of his new Assamese song “Moi Moromot Diya Kotha Khon” on Monday, December 7. The singer has already sung songs in Dumi, Chamling, Bantawa, Bhojpuri, Japanese,...

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Melina Rai’s very first composition called “Ek Din”, now available on YouTube

The very talented singer with a melodious voice, Melina Rai has released her own creation of a song called “Ek Din”. The gifted singer uploaded the song from her own YouTube channel which has 308 thousand subscribers. As said earlier, the song has the lyrics, music and vocal of Rai. Similarly, a talented contemporary arranger...

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“Sararara”, new song by Melina Rai and Rajesh Ghimire ft. Aanchal Sharma

The singers, Rajesh Ghimire and Melina Rai have released a new song “Sararara” on Saturday, December 5. The song contains the lyrics by Ektaare (Sabin) and Saroj Pariyar. The singer Ghimire has worked on music and song production. Similarly, Pradeep Joshi has done the mixing and the mastering of it. The song features the musical...

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“Sirani Mayako Haat”, a new presentation by Sagar Ale Magar

One of the talented youngsters in singing, Sagar Ale Magar has lent his voice for a new song “Sirani Mayako Haat” which was revealed on Friday, December 4. The singer Shanti Shree Pariyar has accompanied him on the vocals. The song has the lyrics and the music by Suresh Rana Magar. Similarly, Kamal Saurag has...

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