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1974 ad

1974 AD Created “Saathi Bhai” using an irresistible beat from The Chainsmokers’ track “Hope”

Finally the wait is over , 1974 AD released “Saathi Bhai” in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artists The Chainsmokers few days ago in association with Tuborg open 2020. The Chainsmokers, made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, had released an irresistible beat, which local artists from around the world are using to create their own, unique...

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1974 Ad representing Nepal in Tuborg Open 2020 campaign with The Chainsmokers

Tuborg has announced the return of its Tuborg Open campaign for the fourth year running and will be teaming up with Grammy Award-winning artists The Chainsmokers to bring new music to fans around the world. The campaign will see artists from Bosnia, Bulgaria, China, Nepal, Serbia, and Uzbekistan creating brand new music using the unforgettable...

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1974 AD releasing the official Music Video of Chaubandi Choli

Chaubandi Choli is an evergreen song by the Legendary rock band 1974 AD. It appeared on their third album Samjhi Baschu. The song released in 1998 with the original lineup, Phiroj Shyangden, Adrian Pradhan, Manoj Kumar KC, Nirakar Yakthumba and Sanjay kumar Shrestha is finally getting its music video after decades.  1974 AD have announced...

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