Suraj Kumar Thapa, a renowned singer in Nepal, has added the music video of his song “Darshan Napai” on his official YouTube channel. This song is included in the album “Chinari“. Deepak Kaudinya has written the lyrics for this song and Kiran Kandel has composed and arranged the music.

Talking about the singer, he was born on August 23, 1976, to father Prem Bahadur Thapa and mother Tirtha Kumari Thapa. His mother is also a renowned legendary folk singer of Nepal. Likewise, he got the formal pieces of training of music and vocal from another legend Amber Gurung. Mr Gurung was a great composer, lyricist and singer of Nepal. Thapa passed his vocal test examination from Radio Nepal in 1991, which kicked off his formal musical career. He produced three solo musical albums, “Paribhasa“, “Canvas” and “Chinari“. In the same way, he presented a patriotic songs album “Nishani 53” that contains the patriotic songs of legend Gopal Yonjan. He also contributed to many collection albums. His popular songs are “Paschim Kohi Purva Ghar“, “Yespali Ta Jante Bakhro Khana Paine Bho“, “Gahiro Ghau“, “Bho Maya Aba Laudina“, “Aakhako Bhaaka“, etc. He has also credited his voice for Nepali Movies soundtracks like “Ghar Sansar“, “Abalaa“, “Love and Cheers” as a playback singer. He is also an active member of the famous Nepali Folk-Rock Band “Nepathya“.

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