Laure is back with the official music video of his new song SUPERRAGA. The song is the seventh track from his latest album Chup Laag. 

Ashish Rana, popularly known as Laure is a name in the Nephop who needs no introduction. Born on 25 June, 1989 in Pokhara, Nepal Laure  is a famous rapper in the Nepali Music Industry and is an actor as well and has been able to earn huge name and fame at such a young age. He is know for his epic rap battle with Unique poet in Raw Barz which has been watched by more than 5 million viewers on youtube; a battle that made him an overnight sensation. The Pokhreli has some hit songs like “Nephop ko bato”, “mero solta”, “sabai ho laure”, etc  to his name and is know for his powerful lyrics and rhymes.

Here is the official music video of his song. Enjoy and keep supporting Nepali music and musicians.

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