Sujan Shrestha has entered the semi-final round of the singing reality show “Sing! China” which is the rebranded version of “The Voice of China”. A few weeks ago he informed us that he had reached the quarter-final.

A few months ago, Dibesh Pokharel aka Arthur Gun made us proud by winning the first runner-up title in one of the biggest TV franchises, American Idol. Now, we are heading towards another achievement in history with Sujan Shrestha.

This is the second time for the Nepali student in Beijing to enter the semi-final round of the show. That is to say, he had also entered the semi-final round last year. Unfortunately, he was unable to proceed further because of a lack of votes. He has also participated in different contests in China. Unlike other reality show, the voting process is quite different in Sing! China. The first barrier would be the Chinese language. Similarly, many web services are blocked in China, and the voting needs to be done through the Chinese app “WeChat”. However, the singer has explained the process of voting in his videos. You can visit his Facebook page for more information.