Music has the power of healing, to express every feelings and emotions and sometime very strong medium to give surprise. No one might have thought what it would be like when this little girl dropped a coin for a street musician.

On a nice evening in Sabadell, one of the largest cities in Spain, a little girl sees a street musician without moving. She drops a coin into his hat, and the moment no sooner turns out to be the best surprise for the young lady, unexpectedly.

The musician right then starts playing and what happens after it is really amazing and breathtaking. One after one other musician randomly approaches the spot and starts playing the same music, which is actually the national anthem of Europe. The little girl stunned with the act keeps on staring at them while other passersby also gather around to watch the incredible performance.

Beautifully done! Classical music has a great power to emotionally move and influence the listener. Enjoy this great video and don’t forget to drop a comment. It is worth watching.