Shree 3 Back On Work, MV Of “Existence in Uncertainty” Releasing Soon.

Shree 3, the powerful trio who are active in the Nepali music scene for a long time back, who likes to play any kind of music as they want, from rock n roll, blues, heavy, alternative, grunge/stoner/sludge metal as they believe music doesn’t have any boundaries.

Founded in 2016, the band was formed as a side project of three skilled musicians already playing for other bands. Sarad Shrestha (vocals and guitar), active in the music field for more than two decades now Sarad has contributed as a guitarist for bands like Black Wizard, The Sound Mill, The Axe, Kathmandu Mayhem, and Intellectual Morons. Currently, he’s associated with the rock band Tumbleweed Inc. and all-star Nepali band Project one too. Rozet Gurung (bass) is also associated with Jugaa and Nude Terror,  and Robin Neupane (drums) is also playing with Tumbleweed and H.O.S.

Shree 3 had released their debut album “Drabhya Dharma”  in May last year. And now the band has announced via their social media account that they have been working on their new EP and also been filming a music video for “Existence in Uncertainty”.

Their statements read:

Year 2020 definitely has been the worst of all with lotsa bad news all around. As for ourselves, we had to go through a lot as well as the health issues within our beloved friends/brothers/members. However, thanks to everyone of you, for your continuous love and support. Because of you, by whom we are encouraged to gear up to do something new and more and always. Hence, here we are! Glad to announce that we have started our studio work for our upcoming EP. Hopefully, trying our best to make it done till the end of 2020. Stay tuned! Keep on inspiring…

Happy Tihar to everyone from us.. Studio work on progress, and yeah be patient new music video of “Existence in Uncertainty” releasing soon. Keep peace, love and empathy.


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