Sadhai Sadhai-Abhaya and The Steam Engines in Kripa Unplugged Season 3

Abhaya Subba Weise is a singer who has been long dominating the Nepalese rock scene along with her band- The Steam Engines as one of the only few female rockstars in the country. The band that started with doing musical gigs in lounge and bars back in early 2000’s have come a long way since then and have managed to carve a niche amongst the youngsters.They have been nominated for several major music awards in Nepal and were even honored as being the No. 1 band of Nepal by Radio Kantipur back in 2009.

Abhaya, in a male dominated pop-rock scene, is known for starting a revolution in the industry with her music and attitude, inspiring young girls and women to play in a musical band. The band have kicked off this year with a special appearance in the widely loved unplugged musical session of the country- Kripa Unplugged Season 3. In the show they are seen performing Sadhai Sadhai a song by the band that was made back in 2006, dedicating it to the Nikesh’s (keyboardist) father who is no longer in this world.

“In Memory of our Keyboard player Nikesh Karki’s father whom we lost during the recording of this session. It had been quite a while since Rajiv had been playing the first guitar intro. It never seemed to move along until a cold winter evening in 2006 when the band with the then band members Sarik Bogati, Suvas Rai, Rinchen, Abhaya and our first band manager Binit Shrestha were hanging out by the heater in the practice room. Rajiv was still strumming the intro when Abhaya started to create the melody for Sadhai Sadhai. The melody picked up into many other melodies and within half an hour we had got the song and lyrics down. Some songs are just gifts from heaven. This was one of the most effortless songs we have ever written and composed together.” cites the band.

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