Popular Nepali singer Ram Krishna Dhakal performed for a charity show at the Nepal Academy Hall on Friday. On the occasion, Dhakal performed over dozen of his popular melodious numbers in front of the jam-packed audiences.

‘Ram Krishna Dhakal Ekal Sanjh’, translated as ‘Solo Night With Ram Krishna Dhakal’ was organized by Bindabashini Music and all the earnings from the show were provided to Bindhyabasini Foundation.

The foundation is owned by Bindabasini Music that deals with the marketing and distribution of Nepali modern, folk, pop and film songs within and outside Nepal.
Dhakal is one of the most popular and talented pop, playback singers, actor and reality show judge of Nepal show like Nepali Tara. Many consider him only second to the singing maestro late Naranyan Gopal, who is respected as the king of melody in the Nepali speaking world.

He started his musical career early in his childhood when he covered popular songs by Naranyan Gopal. Dhakal has released 10 albums of modern songs/ghazals in the Nepali music industry.

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