Rajesh Nepali releases lyrical video of “Hold On”

The rockstar Rajesh Nepali has released the lyrical video of a new song “Hold On” via his official YouTube channel on Saturday. Rajesh has worked on the vocal and the music of the song. Thajville has done the mixing and the mastering of it. As usual, Rajesh and Trevor Pantoga have written the lyrics for it.

The high vocal ranged singer is a promising rockstar in the music scene. For his voice, he is often compared to Klaus Meine of the German band Scorpions. The singer worked in the band “Strings” before he decided to sing his own solo songs. The band mostly performed the covers of English songs at Shisha Cafe situated at the heart of Kathmandu, Thamel. He composes the music for his songs on his own. Moreover, he also plays the guitar very well. Currently, he is working on his second album. His popular songs among the rock fans are Enough is Enough, Changes, Blue and Echo House. He recently released his song “Pray” two weeks ago.

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