Nawaraj Parajuli is poetry performer and theatre artist widely famous for his Poetry Concerts in all around the world and for his poetry book Sagarmathako Gahirai which was awarded with one of the most prestigious award in Nepali Literature- Padmashree Award.Nawaraj Parajuli, a renowned name in modern Nepali poetry, is the one who started the culture of the “Kavita Concerts” where he performs poems with music.

Recently Nawaraj Parajuli made his special appearance in KBC Nepal – Ko Bancha Crorepati where the host as well as the megastar Rajesh Hamal interacted with him. Meanwhile in the interview Nawaraj Parajuli chanted a poem on behalf of the special occasion of “Ama Aaunsi”. The poem was so intense and sentimental expressing the struggles and sentiments of a mother. In this course the environment changed sentimentally deep and that could be seen in Rajesh Hamal’s expression and he even shed tears at the end.