The new song “Badala Barilai” produced by Prakash Saput has been placed at the top in the trending list of YouTube for about a week. The song is in the trending list since the release of it on August 1 which infers it is being liked by many.

A popular name in the Nepali folk music industry Devi Gharti Magar has sung this song who is supported by Smriti Shahi and Sunitami Pariyar on the chorus part. Similarly, Prakash Saput has provided the lyrics and composed the music for it. Shyamswet Rasaily has arranged, mixed, performed the sound design and provided the background music for it. The song is combine recorded by Anil Adhikari and Kiran BK at Prisma Recording Studio.

The storytelling music video of the song is directed by Saput himself featuring the mainstream actress Keki Adhikari, along with other artists Dhruba Koirala, Hiuwala Gautam, Arjun Acharya, Bhadra Kunwar and Sandhya Gautam Baral. Brisha Baral and Ejuliya Acharya have played the roles of child artists.

The empowering song raises the voice against the sexual assault faced by women and how the criminal escapes the punishment.

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