Poet Laureate Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s House Demolition To Be Halted After Supreme Court Issued An Interim Order

House demolition of poet laureate Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s has halted after Supreme Court issued an interim order. The court has ordered the Nepal Academy and Archaeological Department to co-ordinate and prepare a proposal regarding making Devkota’s place to be constructed as a place of Nepali traditional and cultural significance.

Also, the court suggested preserving the archaeological and historical importance materials found in Devkota’s home. Further construction will only be resumed after sending the proposal to the court within three days.

Devkota’s former home in Maiti Devi has been demolishing by Nepal Academy to make it a museum since a month. As the house was harshly damaged by the catastrophic earthquake in 2072 BS, the government bought the house for Rs 25 million. Various questions and debates were made after the news of demolition of Devkota’s home and also most of the people were unhappy on hearing this news.

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