A patient with neurological disorder sits playing a guitar in the operation theatre while surgeons open up his brain in Bengluru, India.

For some music may just be a hobby but for some it is their life;their passion and their everything. Here is one such guy from India who has a rare neurological disorder called dystonia. Dystonia is a movement disorder causing the patient’s muscle contract involuntarily(unwillingly) .It may affect any part of the body. 37-year old Abhisekh Prasad is one such person with this condition with great passion for music and guitar. After experiencing severe pain and involuntary muscle contraction in his fingers he seeked medical advice thinking it was a problem with his fingers but diagnosis led to the conclusion that it was not the fingers but the brain that was responsible for this. Medication failed to treat the disorder. So, doctors referred a brain surgery.

Abhisekh was fully awake during the entire 7 hours long surgery playing his guitar as proper feedback was necessary to treat the condition. He awaits patiently as surgeons drill on his head and treat the condition.

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