Albatross, an alternative rock band from Nepal, formed in 1998. They are the foundation of the alternative rock type in Nepal. At first it was a three man school band, at that point joining by a fourth. They are still attached as one of the pioneer groups from Nepal.

The band is dealing with its first historically speaking full-length album. Wishing to address different subjects, for example, the current rather demoralizing criticism of the band’s name and all the more genuinely, the condition of the nation, they are taking as much time as is needed and wanting to think of important songs that have all the “power and energy of a punch to the gut”.

Albatross, one of the all time rock band of Nepal, has possessed the capacity to inspire their fans with their music and also live shows. This video shows Albatross performing – Farki Farki, one of the famous song of their album ‘Atti Vayo’. Enjoy the video.