At the point when Kris Jones’ little girl began taping him while he sang in the auto one evening he had no clue that entirely soon millions would know his name and – all the more vitally – his voice.

Kris’ girl, who goes by the YouTube name Daylafulla, needed to demonstrate the world how skilled her father is so she taped him as they drove around their Fort Worth, Texas neighborhood.

Kris started to sing a cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey,” originally by George Jones, and when he began singing it was clear that his voice is genuinely something unique.  The soulful sound of his voice and the way he can truly invoke the feeling of the verses is unbelievable to listen.

His girl’s pride in her father is clear as she smiles at the camera when he hits some especially lovely notes.  Daylafulla didn’t realize what sort of reaction her video would get, however it rapidly turned into a web sensation, piling on more than 7 million perspectives in only 8 days!

Kris now has another army of fans who are gunning for him to be welcome to Ellen DeGeneres’ television show so significantly more can hear his astonishing voice.  We’re certain there are enormous things in store for this capable father’s future!

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