Nepkor is a social association formed by the group of Nepalese youths in South Korea. The association benevolently attempts to help and support Nepalese citizens employed in S. Korea. The group has been showing different projects and programs with the collaboration of the considerable number of individuals with the end goal of bringing every single Nepali representative together over yonder.

With the main festival of Nepalese people ‘Dashain’ and Korean festival ‘Xuchak’ in the edge of entryway, Nepkor is completely drawn in for the show of Mantra Band and Robin and the Revolution band, and the day is not so far. Mantra and Robin And The New Revolution are among the top listed bands of Nepal. Every time these bands perform in the stage, has always enthralled the large crowd of their fans. All the more shockingly this is the first run through Nepkor organizing a concert and much more overwhelmingly this is also the first time ever both the bands are performing live in South Korea.

Full subtle info of the show is as per the following:
Date : 03 October
Venue : KBS Arena International Hall
Ticket Price : 50000 Won (VIP), 30000 Won (Normal)
Time : 3 PM Onwards
Organized by : Nepkor
Hosted by : Dev and Reshma Rai

All interested people are requested for pre booking of the tickets.

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