Legendary band Nepathya have recently released the music video of their old song Ghatana via YouTube. The song is a titled track from their  2005 album Ghatana and is based on a real incident that happened in Maina Pokhari, also know as the Maina Pokhari incident, back in 2004 during the Maoist insurgency period. 

On 9th May 2004, on the mountain highway near Maina Pokhari, Dolakha, a public bus heading towards Kathmandu from Jiri got caught in the crossfire between the Nepal Army and the barbaric Maoists group where six innocent Nepali lost their lives. When the press released the photograph of a surviving grandmother holding a 20 days old child on her hand, Amrit Gurung was disheartened. Soon, he traveled to the incident site and captured the grim ambience in the air talking with the villagers, survivors and helpless eye witnesses. So, out of this painful contemplation has come this song in a blend of narrative folk art of the wandering Gandharvas, fused to a rock ballad. 

Have a look at the video here:

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