Neetesh Jung Kunwar New Song ‘Dhokebaaj’ Released.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar, one of the uprising artists of Nepal began his career by covering Nepali songs and more recently is involved composing his own songs. Unique and cool as his voice, Neetesh has numerous songs to his name till date. Songs like ‘The Chhuttee Song’, ‘Gedai Jasto Jindagi’, ‘Bujheu Haina Ra’ are some of the popular songs of Neetesh.

On 13th November, Neetesh released his new song titled ‘DhokeBaaj’. “This song is just an experiment with loops and words, not intended to offend any individual.” says Neetesh on his song. The video was produced by Chetan Raj Karki and recorded at Orange Studio, Pulchowk. Check it out!

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