Adrian Pradhan is one of the  most recognized artist of Nepal. He is a singer, songwriter as well as a composer. Adrian Pradhan is one of the most versatile musician in the Nepali Music industry. He is the former member of the legendary band-1974 ad.He can play a variety of musical instruments like guitar, drum, harmonica, etc. He can also sing whilst playing a drum. “Piece of Cake for a musician!” you might think but trust me it is not that easy!

It has been almost three years that he left 1974 ad and embarked on a solo journey. Adrian had wonderful songs in his solo account and is equally a giant in Nepali music with his solo career as well. Songs like nabhana, sara khusi, khairo khairo, sathi, etc are his hits. Currently he is engaged with the Frendz Band.

Watch him singing Nasamjha in a practice session.