Nabin K Bhattarai releases the music video of “Timro Maya Le” on his official YouTube channel

The music video of the famous song “Timro Maya Le” by the popular pop star, Nabin K Bhattarai, is published on the official YouTube channel of him on Saturday. The song belongs to the album “Samjhana”. For the song, Manoj Aacharya had penned the lyrics. On an additional note, the singer himself has composed the music for it. The music video is directed by Sonam Pakhrin featuring Dibesh and Priya Rani.

The pop icon has recently released the lyrical music video of his song “Dobato Ma” a few days ago. Similarly, he has produced some new songs namely Timi Sanga Nai, Jhari and Sakdina. His song “Aankha Ma Timilai” from his debut solo album “Raharai Raharma” made him well-liked by the public. His fame was aided by the songs followed by it, like Sanjha Pakha, Timilai Ma Dobatoma, Timile Herda Kasailai, Yeh Jhari, Khadai Nakhako, Darr Lagchha, Yehi Ho Ta Maya, etc.

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