Nabin K Bhattarai (born March 14, 1974) is a Nepali singer, songwriter, and composer. He is the eldest son of Mr. Kalyan Bhattarai and Mrs. Nirmala Bhattarai. He started his musical career in 1990 with the band “The Steel Wheels” as the vocalist and rhythm guitarist. After the band disbanded, he pursued a solo career. He was able to capture the attention of many Nepali music-lovers with his first released song ‘Aankhama Timilai’. After the huge success of his first album, he has recorded eleven more albums from 1990 till date.

Nabin K Bhattarai is considered to be the first real pop-star and unarguably one of the greatest pop singers of the country with an enormous fan following. Bhattarai’s earlier songs have a melodic style to them, depicting the loneliness of a young lover. Many of his compositions after the album “Nabin” mostly include the elements of rock in them, which was positively received by the Nepali audience.

Here’s a video of Nabin playing a solo guitar of the song ‘Time’. This song is one of the hit of Pinkfloyd from the album Dark side of the moon. Watch it out!