Having played alongside Bumblefoot, ex-guitarist at Guns N’ Roses, at Purple Haze Rock Bar, Deepak Moktan is one of the finest guitatrists of the country. He  is the former guitarist of the band “Monkey Temple” and “Angel Dust Nepal”. Currently he is the engaged with The Strings band. They play gigs in popular concert venues at Kathmandu. He is also a guitar teacher at Nepal Music School and a guitar instructor at Nepal Music Centre.

Here is an instrumental guitar track called Mysterious Feelings by Deepak Moktan.”This is personally one of my favourite style of guitar playing which has got lots to do with feelings,note selections and sustains.The backing track is from the jazz standard Misty and the melody here is my interpretation over the soulful,interesting and very smooth chord progressions involved.” says Deepak about the work. Enjoy..