Mukti Shakya, the front man and lead guitarist of the legendary band Mukti and Revival, has been playing Blues for more than three decades. He is known for his energetic voice and melodic blues licks. Mukti and Revival band is one of the best and probably the first popular blues band of Nepal. His albums “Bujhai Deu”, “Kalanki Ko Jam” and “Dekhdai Chhu Ma” have gained much popularity among Nepalese music fans. During the early 80’s, he joined the “Radium” band as a bassist replacing his friend.  He later formed his own band “The Elegance” in 1982.

In a section called “Musician’s Pit” by Live and Loud Inc Mukti Shakya shares his early days recording experience with his band. “Recording a song back then was a difficult task. We lacked technical know-hows and proper equipments for a proper sound recording.” says Mukti Shakya.  Here is the full clip of him sharing his interesting early days experience on recording. Have a look.


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