Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda talked in an interview with Kerrang also, revealed an enthusiastic proclamation about Chester Bennington, who conferred suicide by hanging himself two months back. He said:

“I spent more time with Chester than anyone in my adult life, aside from my wife. We were dependably around each other. People would say we resembled siblings, yet we were diverse on the grounds that siblings are bound by blood.
Technically we were dudes in a band who could separate and leave each other in the event that we wanted to. I think it’s more uncommon that we never did that.

He was the sort of guy that when you would compliment his voice, especially early on, he would turn away. He would deny it, or he would make a self-deploring remark. While one part of him truly delighted in being the centre of attention, another part of him ran away.

That was part of beauty of Chester. He was inspired by an extensive variety of singers at different points in his life, individuals like Dave Gahan, James Hetfield and Freddie Mercury. I would occasionally remind him that he was in that classification, yet he never concurred with me.

He never racknowledged that he was, yet in the previous couple of months, many artists have connected openly and secretly to tell us what a motivation Chester and the band have been. We’re just so very grateful.

I’m not a perfect parent, no one is, but rather Chester had the absolute best intensions. He had such a huge heart and he adored his family more than anything.”