KRAMASHA Nepal is a combination of good friends who have a similar passion, love & taste towards Music. “October 2013” – Best Thing that Happened was the youths Formed Kramasha. Rushan shrestha ,Neerab Shrestha and Bipul Maharjan sharing the same passion for music came up with the Plan with ‘Bicky Thapa Magar’ which turned out as KRAMASHA Nepal. This band is inspired by famous bands Kutumba, Cobweb and Albatross.

The band comprises of Band Members: Vocalist and Guitarist – Rushan Shrestha, lead Guitarist – Bipul Maharjan, Bassist – Neerab Shrestha and Percussion – Bicky Thapa Magar.

Their song titled ‘Mero Maya’ is a typical Love song from our First Album (Malai Bal). The lyrics of the song ‘Mero Maya’ is composed by Suzeena Shrestha. The whole song was Arranged and Improvised by the band itself.

In this video, we can see the official lyrical video of the song ‘Mero Maya’. Check it out below: