Melina Rai released new song “Jawani Ko Aina” Starring Nagma Shrestha

Charming singer Melina Rai is back with her new song “Jawani Ko Aina” starring beautiful and talented Nagma Shrestha. Arjun Ratna Bhikhari has written jolly lyrics for the song and music was added by Sunil Maskey and was arranged by Rikesh Gurung. The song was mixed and mastered by Kishor Thapa, recorded by Rajesh Shrestha.

So too Sanjeeb Baraili was on guitar and Gopal Ghatani on flute. The song was Produced by Dipen Gautam and directed by Yubraj Waiba and Utsav Dahal was on camera. The song was uploaded on the official YouTube Channel of MK Production on July 31, 2020.

Melina Rai is the Most wanted Female vocalist in the Nepali Music Industry at this moment. She has recorded countless beautiful songs and undoubtedly most of them are noted as hit numbers.

She recorded her First Solo song Kammar Mathi Patuki when she was 12 years old. That made her so popular that she has been receiving too many offers that she has to record more than 4 songs a day sometime. Timle Bato Fereu Arey, Shiraima Shirbandi, Chapakkai Ful Fulyo, Kutuma Kutu Supari Dana, and Machhile Khane Kholiko Leu are some of her most loved songs.

Sakhhar Chini was her latest song with Padam Rai.

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