Angry and enraged Nepali youths totally smashed and demolished Nepal’s one of the premier club, Deja Vu Club, after international DJ Marshmello failed to show up for his concert yesterday night.

As we all know, Marshmello was to perform yesterday night but couldn’t attend his event.

Marshmello Live Tonight At Dejavù was a costly show and the fans were irritated after it was declared that Marshmello wouldn’t attend for his own show. On that reason, all the participants went crazy and entirely blamed and threatened the supporters, organizers. Marshmello absence ruined the entire night by vandalizing the whole club. A source affirmed that the vandalism began at 3:17 a.m. in the morning. Here’s the footage of incident occurred at Déjà vu Club. Warning: Vulgar Languages are used.

Later then, Marshmello later declared on his web-based social networking that he was wiped out. Here’s the tweet: