Manoj Kumar Kc is a one of the finest guitarists of the country and is best known as the lead guitarist of legendary band 1974 AD. He is also the director of Electronic Music productions and Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. He is a very skilled guitar player and known for his sweet and melodic solos.

“My very first guitar was a gift from my father back in 1993. He is not among us anymore and I miss him very much.” says Manoj in the talk with Live and Loud Inc. Manoj happened to sell the guitar to Phiroj Shyangden(one of the founder member of the band). That is how he got introduced to the band. Unfortunately Phiroj too sold the guitar to someone else. And Manoj desperately wanted it back as things began to settel for him. “I was poking Phiroj Dai since 2001. And finally, he came up with the person’s number to whom he had sold the guitar. I was very much happy and immediately went for it.” Have a look for yourself what Manoj has to say about his quest of getting back the souvenir of his father. Probably the most precious gift he ever had in his life.