These days making cover songs have made out for instance in Nepali youths. The cover songs have changed into an instrument to exhibit their blessings. Some comment that some cover songs end up being superior to the in any case, while others comment that cover songs have crushed the suppositions of the essential song. The standard of the cover songs relies on various sections like vocalist and melodic systems.

Micheal Sinha, a 10 years old Christian boy with an extraordinary loving voice that makes listener fell in love with him. This boy covers as well performs many Nepali songs playing Guitar. He came into the fame after covering various songs and likewise he began to perform even in studios, shows, etc.

In this video, watch Michael with his two siblings performing ‘Malai Gauna Mann Lagyo’ in a clarion voice. The original song was performed by ‘Santosh Tirwa’. Hope you’ll like it!