Sabin Rai (born February 5, 1974) is a Nepali Singer and lyricist who often called as Bryan Adams of Nepal because of the voice match. His first successful single was “Komal Tyo Timro” from the album ‘Sataha 2’. He has performed concerts in Australia, Hong-Kong, United Kingdom, US and India. Apart from that, he joined the band and named himself as ‘Sabin Rai & the Elektrix.’

Rai known for his stage performances and the interest he brings in his old songs by singing in different style. From ‘Timi Nai Mero’ to ‘Chapali Height’, his all of the songs are very popular to the Nepalese.

Here in this video, we can see ‘Sabin Rai & the Elektrix’ performing one of their best song – ‘Malai Angali Deu’ at Kripa Unplugged Season 2. This show is a music series which reflects upcoming and legendary artist in an acoustic set. This Show commits to change the way people perceive Music Show in Nepal and also connects the various music in Nepal within the Nepalese.