“Maicha” by Emerge is at 1.2M+ views now

The song “Maicha” by the emerging band, Emerge, has now surpassed 1.2M views on YouTube. The lead singer of the band, Ujan Shakya has produced the music, written the lyrics and composed the music. In the same way, the credits to the art and the lyrical video of the song go to Binish Maharjan and Sumedh Bajracharya respectively. The band also extends it thanks to Laxmi Manandhar for the song.

Maicha is a flirtatious way to refer to a girl in Newari language. About the song, the singer Shakya told Nepali E-chords that he always had a will to produce a modern Newari song which would create a jolly vibe. During the lockdown period, an idea to create this particular song hit him. Before this song, the band had produced its first Newari song “Thau Kane” which had received good responses from the listeners. So, they had a positive positive feeling about this “Maicha” song. Surprisingly, this song exceeded their expectation. The singer also revealed that the music video of the song is coming soon. 

The band consists of the members Aman Bajracharya, Rohan Shakya, Sabir Tuladhar and Ujan Shakya. The band members knew each other and used to jam together before forming this band. Rohan Shakya was the guitar instructor of Ujan Shakya whereas Sabir Tuladhar was his childhood friend. Aman Bajracharya was contacted through Facebook. Aman plays the flute whereas Sabir works on the percussion. Likewise, Rohan and Ujan work on the guitars.

The other songs of the band are Maya GarchhuChahanchu, Attiyeko Mann, Mero Yo Geet, Samjhi Timi, Madhosh and Tesaile Chadai Aau. The singer says he is coming up with more Nepali and Newari songs.

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