The longest flute enters the world book of records. In this video you can see Pt. Keshav Ginde playing the bamboo flute .Second person is Azharuddin Shaikh playing “Anahat vanu” the world longest flute that produce the lowest octave, the “Laraj Saptak” means lower than “Kharaj saptak”.

He has fitted Keys or Lever that can close the holes which are not reachable by hands. As so far nobody have fitted keys on such a huge flute. As a result it can be played in any “Raga” and have a musical meaning. In this video they have played Raga Malkauns. They have also used the “MORCHANA PRINCIPAL”. Keshav Ginde is playing Raga ‘Megh” & Azharuddin Shaikh is playing Raga “Bhoop”. Have a look at the video!

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