Chester Bennington, the front man of popular Rock Band ‘Linkin Park’ shocked the whole world by committing suicide 4 months ago. It is sad and unfortunate to note that he was found hung at his residence on the day what would have been called his best pal-late Chris Cornell’s birthday. Chester had one of the vest voices in the world. He was one of the best singers the world ever had.

Bands like Stone Temple Pilot and Depeche Mode were his early life inspirations and he dreamed playing with them. Born on 20th March, 1976 Chester became a drug addict in his early teenage. He used to rely on marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, etc. But later he was able to get out of it.

Here’s a video of ‘Numb’ performed by RocknMob dedicated to Chester Bennington – the voice of our generation that inspired and cured us, cried and laughed up with us, and always touched our hearts. Check this out!