Kunti Moktan releases a new song: Ghaam Jun Baaki Cha

Veteran artist Kunti Moktan launched her new Tamang Selo song “Gham Jun Baki Chha” on June 30, 2020 via her official Youtube channel. While whole world is fighting during this pandemic, this might be the beautiful gift for the ethnic music lovers and fans of her.

This song has featured Paramita RL Rana & Dikpal Karki. Words on this song was written by lyricist Dinesh Adhikari and music in the song was added by Shilabahadur Moktan, who is also the husband of the singer.Both Kunti and her husband Shila Bahadur initially learnt music from Jagdish Chandra Rai in Sonada and do most of the songs together. They have two daughters Shital Moktan and Shubani Moktan who are also musicians.

She has been releasing new songs frequently via her official Youtube channel. Weeks ago she also realeased song “Suna Suntali” on Hudkeli vaka which was also composed by her husband.


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