Swoopna Suman is one of emerging crooner singer of Nepali Music Industry, known for his original compositions “K Saro Ramri Bhako”, “Mero Sano Pari”, “Ae Hello” and “Khulla Aakash”. He started his music journey by singing Bhajans. He had a opportunity to show his vocal skills and got recognition for his singing ability after he went to India to learn music. He recently had released his new single, ‘The Coffee Song’ under Channel Arbitary. Nowadays he is seen covering songs and is currently signed under Channel Arbitary.

Here’s a wonderful performance of ‘Kasari Bhanu’ by Swoopna Suman at Tuborg Arbitrary Live. Arbitrary Live is an event conducted by Arbitrary Events in various venues in and around Nepal where our artists under arbitrary records perform to a live crowd. The audio is recorded live while the artist performs.

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