Kandara is a musical band from the most beautiful city of POKHARA, was established on 1994. Kandara is a typical Nepali word, means a gorge or a cave in the middle of remote hills or mountains. As the name derived, the band believes that, their music belongs to the nature. A nature is of love, purity and perfection.

Earlier Kandara, it was not very common to produce a song for a pop artists or bands, which was written by nationally recognized poets or lyricist. The band is famously known as the creator of famous folk-pop song of all time “Hongkong Pokhara”.

Current lineup of the band consist of,
Bivek Shrestha – Vocal
Sunil Thapa – Composer/ Drums
Buddharaj Bajracharya – Founder/ Keyboard
Ashim Sherchan – Guitar
Amit Gurung – Guitar
Anil Gurung – Bass
Avinash Gayak – Percussion

As well as, the band is known for its contribution, to play a pioneer role to establish a folk pop genre of music in Nepali music industry. With their distinction melodious composition, simple folk based lyrics and a soulful vocal performance. The band is also famous for creating their own music, until today they haven’t covered any songs and very proud to keep that tradition. They have started the tradition of co-working with a famous poets and lyricist of Nepal, Sarubhakta Shrestha , Late Binod Gauchan and Mr. Ramesh Shrestha to write songs for a band.

Recently, they have released their new love song “Bolu ki Nabolu” on YouTube. Have a look..!!!!