Jeewan Gurung, the lead vocalist of The Edge Band has released a new song ‘Jaba Timi Sanga’ on 26 August, 2021. The song was released on the band’s official Youtube channel ‘TheEdgeBandNepal’. The music of the song was composed and arranged by Jeewan Gurung himself with the lyrics corrected by Bishnu Gurung and audio mixing and mastering is done by Arun Tandukar. Likewise, the video is edited by Bishal Nepali (WhizzWorks). The song is melodious love song starring Antara Rana and Cheyozen Gurung in the video.The song is  appreciated by the viewers and has crossed by 20k+ views within a day of a release.

“Jaba Timi Sanga ” is a musical mellow that relates every relationship at their very first phase. Unfolding the phrase “women hold up half the sky”.

Jeewan Gurung is a lead vocalist, song writer and composer of Nepal’s most popular rock band The Edge Band. He is one of the most liked, most searched, and one of the high noted singers in Nepali music industry. He has thousands of fans all over Nepal and outside the country. He and his band has contributed a lot in taking Nepali music in another level and have won many prestigious awards. Some of their popular songs are- Thaha Chaina, Mero Aanshu, Prayas, Nachaheko Hoina and a lot more.