Interview With The Legendary- Mukti Shakya

Mukti And Revival is a Legendary Band of Nepal. With Mukti Shakya as the frontman – lead vocalist as well as the guitarist, the band is the first to have introduced blues in Nepal. Influenced by western blues, their songs also have a rock flavour in them. 

“It would be better to cite our genre as blues rock rather than just blues.” says Mukti Shakya with the talk with E-Chords. Also known as the king of blues- Mukti Shakya was brought up in Kathmandu. He had a keen interest in music since his childhood. “I started playing guitar in my late teenage. My brother had a guitar. He went abroad and it was after that I started playing. “ Before the 80’s Mukti had been involved in many bands like “The Elegance” and “Radium”. He then went to Spain and got married with a Spanish girl- Mary. Early in the 90’s he returned back to Nepal and formed his own band which turned out to be the greatest blues rock band of the country- “The Mukti and Revival”. The band members are:
Sunit Kansakar(Guitar), Roshan Kansakar (Bass), Nikhil Tuladhar(Drum).

Nowdays, he is busy with his upcoming album. Here is the full interview with Mukti Shakya at his own residence. We are really honoured to have him on our channel. Enjoy the talk with the legend:

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