Interview With Talented Uprising Star Jyovan Bhuju

Cover songs are songs of an artist/band covered by an individual in his/her own way and style.Nowadays making cover songs has emerged out as a trend in Nepali youngsters. The cover songs have become a tool to exhibit their talents. Some remark that some cover songs turn out to be better than the original, while others remark that cover songs have spoiled the feelings of the original song.The standard of the cover songs depends on numerous factors like singer and musical arrangements.Best Covers are the ones that have originality, richness of music and their own style of mending the song. While extreme and unsuitable improvisation that disturb the theme and content of the song are considered unpleasant and are largely criticized. However good covers make the song more lively and even help sustain these songs to generations to come.

Jyovan Bhuju is one such popular youtube artist. He does cover songs of popular songs and uploads them from youtube. He has a got huge fan following with more than 21k subscribers on youtube. He has uploaded more than 42 cover songs which are very much popular on YouTube. “Eh Kancha” is one of the best cover songs of Bhuju. The cover has got more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Jyovan had recently partcipated in the country’s biggest singing competition- Nepal Idol. He was able to rock the stage and mesmerize the judges with his soulful performance. However, he got eliminated at the theater round.”I do not have any regrets for being eliminated. Nepal idol is a very big platform for singers like me . The experience  I got from the competition will definitely be a life long asset for me. Nepal idol is a very big thing but not everything. There is a lot more beside than just a competition.” says Jyovan in a talk with E-chords. “For me Pratap Das is the perfect candidate for the idol. He has got the voice, the stlye, attitude and all of the qualities needed to be an idol.” adds Bhuju.

Here is the full interview with Jyovan Bhuju. See what he has got to say to you all. Enjoy…

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