There has been a lot of craze of the singing realities shows in Nepal for more than 3 years now due to the entry of Nepal Idol. Later, Nepal Idol, another big franchise “The Voice” entered the scene with the show “The Voice of Nepal”. But how real or fake the realities shows are? Are they the same as shown on Television? What happens behind the scenes of those colourful platforms?

To understand these questions, Swapnil Sharma from The Shadows Nepal band inquired former contestants and related personalities of the shows. Firstly, he asked the former contestants if the shows have been any good to raise their popularity?

The answers of all of them were ‘Yes’ because they hit the spotlight with the help of those platforms. They also appreciated that they learned a lot from the coaches and the tutors of the shows.

However, the main problem with the shows has always been the contract. The contestants express their discontents for the obscure and ambiguous contracts that made them feel a bit exploited with fewer advantages to themselves.

Check out the video for the details.


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