Best Covers are the ones that have originality, richness of music and their own style of mending the song. While extreme and unsuitable improvisation that disturb the theme and content of the song are considered unpleasant and are largely criticized. However good covers make the song livelier and help sustain these songs to generations to come.
Nowadays making cover songs has emerged out as a trend in Nepali youngsters. The cover songs have become a tool to exhibit their talents. Some remark that some cover songs turn out to be better than the original, while others remark that cover songs have spoiled the feelings of the original song. The standard of the cover songs depends on numerous factors like singer and musical arrangements.

Here is a nice cover of the song “Hidda Hiddai” by cover artist as well as Nepal Idol’s Participate Jyovan Bhuju ft. Bidhyan Mahate. This is a one of the hit numbers of legendary band 1974 AD. Enjoy..!!!!