Cover songs are tunes of a skilled worker covered by a man in his/her own specific style; making couple of segments of the music and showing it in our own particular manner. It is captivating to see how cover melodies all over procure pervasiveness than the initial ones. Covering songs and putting them online empowers individuals display their aptitudes and techniques to the world.

Good covers make the tune all the more exuberant and pass them on to eras to come. Covering tunes has nowadays turned into a fashion. Best Covers are the ones that have creativity, wealth of music and their own style of retouching the melody while extraordinary act of spontaneity that disturb the topic of the songs are viewed as distasteful and are to a great extent condemned.

In vogue youtuber- Sahil Zamir Ali, who engages the onlookers by making spread recordings out of Nepali songs. In this video, he is covering the well known song – Samhalinchha Kahile Mann, initially made by splendid artist Sugam Pokhrel. This is his initially cover video and it has been picking up fame quickly. Enjoy this video!!

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