On the morning of June 7, 2016, Gurung died at age 79 during the course of his treatment at the Grande International Hospital. Gurung had previously undergone treatment for a tumor in his esophagus. Gurung was rushed to the ICU and was kept on a ventilator the previous day.

One year has passed since the father of Nepali modern music and the composer of Nepali national anthem Amber Gurung left us. But still, the famous singer, composer and lyricist are still alive in our hearts.

Late Amber Gurung was born on February 26, 1938 in Darjeeling of India. Although the Gurung family was originally from Gorkha, he had spent most of his childhood in Darjeeling and later moved to Kathmandu in 1969.

The songs he has sung, composed and penned are still fresh in our memory and the vacuum that has been created in the Nepali music industry by his death will never be fulfilled.

He was a self-taught musician who learned both western and eastern classical music entirely on his own. Nepali well-known musicians and singers like Aruna Lama, Sharan Pradhan, Gopal Yonzon and Ranjit Gajmer among other learned under his guidance.

“Nau Lakha Tara” was his first recorded song written by Agam Singh Giri in 1960. “Ukali Chadda”, “Jungi Nishan Hamro”, “Phoollaai Sodhein”, “Jindagiko Ke Kura” and “Sabai Yaad Aye” are most popular song of Late Amber Gurung.

He has gone but not forgotten from our memories. Rest in peace……

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