Gauko Mero Jhupadi- Kunti Moktan Back With a New Music Video

Legendary singer Kunti Moktan has recently come up with a new song ‘Gauko Mero Jhupadi’. Written by Buddha Bir Lama and composed by Shila Bahadur Moktan, the song was released on 23rd of May Saturday via Kunti Moktan’s recently created YouTube channel: Kunti Moktan Official Channel. Previously, she used to release most of her songs from Music Nepal. This is her second song release from her personal channel after¬†Udna Lai Deu released about a month ago.

Kunti Moktan is a name in the music industry that hardly needs any introduction at all. Among countless of her hits Khutta Tandai Gara, Choli Ramro Palpali Dhakako, Dali Dali Ma, Mathi Mathi Sailunge Ma, etc. are ones that stand out from the rest in terms of popularity.  She has been entertaining millions and millions of audiences through her songs for decades. Born in Darjeeling, she had keen interest in music right from her early childhood. Kunti, who started her musical career officially at an early age of 15 by recording her first song at All India Radio, has released 11 studio albums till date and still is showing no signs of slowing down as she is up and running with her new channel and a fresh, brand new release.

Have a look at the music video here:

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