Thomas Zwijsen is a Dutch/Belgian classical acoustic and Heavy Metal guitarist. He is known for his arrangements of Iron Maiden (and a selection of other artists’) songs for classical guitar both on YouTube since 2007. Zwijsen began creating YouTube videos. His main focus was making arrangements of Iron Maiden songs for classical guitar. These videos gained in popularity, leading to over 6 million hits and 27,000 subscribers as of March 2015.

Thomas now has become a popular acoustic guitarist as he had worked closely with Iron Maiden, Wolfsbane, and also gone to world tour, taking him to South America, Europe, Japan and Dubai. Thomas studied classical and flamenco guitar at music conservatoire. This has influenced his playing style, which is a unique mix of classical elements and his Heavy/Progressive Metal roots. Thomas’ technique reflects an interesting and often technical fusion between these influences.

In this video, he is performing – Fear of the Dark, one of the greatest hit of Iron Maiden. See how he casts his magic performing acoustic guitar on this song.