Ember Eyes-a new age Nepali rock band released their second album self-titled at a concert on August 26 (Saturday), at Reggae Bar, Thamel. The launch event also saw performances by another two bands Priwartan and Space.

In this second album they consist of eight songs, including a bonus track re-recorded from their first album “Prashnottar”. Ember Eyes is a new age Nepali rock band based on Kathmandu, formed in 2012 by Surendra, Sanjay and Amod with a shared interest for playing Progressive Rock music.

After a couple of line-up changes, the four-member band now consists of Sanjay Singh Hamal on vocals/guitars, Amod Silwal on guitars, Tshewang Tamang on bass, and Sarin Bajracharya on drums.

The band has released a music video for their song “Swikarney Chau” from the album on YouTube and the second music video is will be released soon.